Post-secondary education

Go to Germany for higher European education, learn German, practice in leading international companies with the possibility of transferring to other countries, enjoy the German life with the possibility of obtaining a long-term visa – it’s possible!

Your goals, our fulfillment, start with a consultation where you will be told where it is possible to go and what are the prospects for work.

Why Germany?

1. Germany recognizes and accepts the certificates of the Russian Federation as a basis, which allows applicants not to retake exams and start training immediately after graduation;

2. After graduation, you will have 18 months to find a job;

3. The possibility of teaching in English;

4. Receipt by motivation letter;

5. Opportunity to work under a student visa, 20 hours a week;

6. A wide range of specialties.

What do you need to study in Germany?

In order to enroll in a private German university, it is sufficient to comply with the following points:Know English at intermediate level;

  • Know English at intermediate level;
  • Admission to study or confirmation of participation in the competition with 2 copies;
  • Confirmation of the financing of the stay for training purposes in the amount of 8.640, – at least for the period of the first academic year with 2 copies (blocked account);
  • Confirmations about the last completed school or higher education (for example, matriculation certificate, bachelor’s degree, diploma) with 2 copies;
  • Self-written and signed motivation letter in German or English about the reasons you want to study in Germany, with a copy;
  • Biography with full address and contact details with a copy (in German).

Услуги компании KingStudy

KingStudy carries out preliminary consultations on the issues of studying in Germany, helps to choose the best program with minimal monetary costs. We meet students at the airports of Germany and accompany them to your accommodation at any time of the day or night. Our team in the shortest time prepares documents for obtaining a visa and assistance in entering the university. We provide support to students until the end of the training, helping to get all the necessary knowledge and not to miss anything unnecessary.

We guarantee:

  • Admission to a private university;
  • Training with the best specialists in the field of foreign languages;
  • Assistance in preparing and sending documents for admission;
  • Accompaniment in the process of preparation, admission and further education;
  • Meeting at the airport and delivery to the place of residence;
  • Quality and relevance of all provided knowledge, skills and abilities.