Requirements for applicants

An applicant who decided to continue his education in the Czech Republic must meet a certain requirement and perform a number of simple operations:

  1. Have a certificate of graduation from the school (or university, for admission to the undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate programs). These documents must pass the nostrification in the Czech Republic.
  2. To enter for free, you need to know the Czech language at a high level, or English – for admission on a fee basis.
  3. The presence of a long-term visa, which will allow the student to stay on the territory of the Czech Republic during training.
  4. Having a passport. Also, without it, it is impossible to obtain not one of the visas permitting to be located on the territory of the Czech Republic.
  5. Availability of health insurance, which will cover the costs of receiving medical care in case of injury or illness.
  6. The presence of a document confirming the material fitness of the applicant and the ability to pay for his own residence in the Czech Republic.