Insurance for students

To obtain a long-term visa to the Czech embassy or consulate, the applicant must provide an insurance policy for the entire duration of the visa.

In accordance with the law on the stay of foreigners, which entered into force on January 1, 2011, foreigners must have an agreement on comprehensive medical insurance. The insurance coverage limit should be at least 60 000 Euro. With comprehensive insurance, you can be treated by any doctor in the Czech Republic, all costs are covered by the company (except for the treatment of chronic diseases).

Medical services in the Czech Republic.
In the territory of the Czech Republic there are both public hospitals and private medical rooms offering general or specialized treatment. Some doctors speak Russian, there are also international medical centers in which the staff speaks English.

Our specialists and curators will always help you with choosing the right insurance for you, as well as help with the transfer in medical institutions.

Types of insurances

Basic insurance

The full name is “Emergency Medical Assistance” (Czech Pojištění nutné a neodkladné péče). This insurance covers a minimum set of services, usually rendering assistance without continuing treatment.

Typically, this type of insurance is chosen to obtain and extend a long-term visa.

Complex insurance

The full title is “Comprehensive medical insurance” (Czech Komplexní zdravotní pojištění). This insurance covers much more medical services. For comprehensive insurance, you can go through a full preventive checkup once a year from a therapist, a dentist and gynecologist.
The student will not have to worry extra spending on drugs and visiting doctors.

For more information about prices and companies, please contact our consultants. We do not earn on insurance and are interested in helping to choose an acceptable option for you!