In order to successfully enter a Czech university for higher education with the help of the KingStudy team, it is necessary to correctly determine the ultimate goal of your visit to the Czech Republic.

On the site you can study the provided programs, choose the one that suits you, and if you have a difficult choice, contact the manager and get a competent consultation that will help you choose the right course.

Work with KingStudy includes the following steps:

  1. Consultation on the choice of the university and the specialty, as well as the necessary documentation and the order of admission;
  2. Signing an agreement between KingStudy and the Customer;
  3. Prepayment in the amount of 1 000 Euro (if the Customer does not receive a visa after submitting documents using all of our recommendations, the amount will be refunded);
  4. The rest of the amount is paid upon arrival (if the Customer agrees to full payment of the program, then he can make the whole payment);
  5. Sending documents and preparing for an interview at the consulate;
  6. Reception of the visa;
  7. Arrival in the Czech Republic and accommodation;
  8. The beginning of an intensive course of the Czech language;
  9. Vocational guidance (choice of specialty);
  10. Excursions, adaptation in the city and universities;
  11. Preparation for admission to universities;
  12. Help with teaching at the university.

Or you can fully pay for the course indicated in the following way. After you have decided on the program, you need to go to the section of the site “services” – “programs” and then choose the course that interests you. After selecting, the “buy course” button appears on the right side, after clicking which interesting program will appear in your shopping cart. After switching to the basket, you must fill out the form attached to the payment, a kind of questionnaire through which our managers can contact you. Then comes a call from the staff of KingStudy, all the questions are resolved and you are invited to draft an agreement that will further regulate the rights and obligations of each of the parties.

After signing the contract, you can proceed to the process of payment for training, which occurs in any convenient way for the Client. After the payment, the contract comes into force and the future student can start preparing documents required by KingStudy for further cooperation and ensuring a quality process of student training in the territory of the Czech Republic.