Getting a visa and entering the Czech Republic


Documents for visa and further residence in the Czech Republic

  1. International passport. To apply for a visa to the Czech Republic, you must have a passport, which expires not earlier than 90 days immediately from the date of commencement of the trip. Long-term visas imply the existence of a passport with an appropriate period.
  2. Questionnaire. To be completed exclusively in English or Czech. You can receive the application in two ways: at the consulate in person or by printing from the official website of the consulate. Fill in clearly, exclusively in block letters or with a computer.
  3. Color photo size 3.5 x 4.5 cm. Made on a white background, attached to the questionnaire.
  4. Financial guarantees. Any document confirming your solvency in the Czech Republic.
  5. Medical insurance. The validity period should coincide with the period of visit to the Czech Republic in case of unforeseen injuries and illnesses.
  6. A copy of the page of residence of a civil passport.