Preparation of documents

In order that the team KingStudy was able to start preparing documents for admission to the university and for a safe and comfortable move to the Czech Republic, it is necessary to provide and draw up a number of documents:

  1. International passport. This document is a prerequisite for staying on the territory of the Czech Republic. It allows you to issue the necessary type of visa, and it is also a confirmation of the personality of the student of the Czech Republic.
  2. Documents on education. Necessary for the passage of nostrification and further admission to the university. Depending on the chosen training program, you must provide a certificate of secondary education, or a diploma of completion of the bachelor’s or master’s program.
  3. Confirmation of financial condition. The minimum amount is 3,500 euros. Confirmation is the existence of a bank account with the necessary amount (statement), or cash.
  4. Certificate of criminal record. The certificate is issued for a period not exceeding 30 days.

The remaining documents are prepared by the KingStudy team.