Why Czech Republic

Available education

In the Czech Republic training in the Czech language in all public high schools free country. The Czech government support each year universities for access to education. You can also learn English.

It is important to note that the Czech Republic since 2004, is a full member of the EU, which means that all certificates contain European standards.

Convenient location

Enrolled in the Czech university, you will learn in the heart of the European Region, learn different cultures, meet new people and the realities of a completely different world.

The favorable geographical position of the Czech Republic opens the way to other European countries. In the two-hour drive from the city of Brno is Vienna, three hours you can drive to Budapest.

High quality of life

In the Czech Republic one of the best environmental performance in the world. At the moment, the Czech Republic is in the top 20 places suitable for living countries in the world. These IPE consider such factors as the environment, water quality, green spaces, removal and disposal of industrial waste.

The city of Brno is on 57 place among the best cities for living in the world.

Cost of living

Accommodation in the Czech Republic is much cheaper than in many European countries.

Average monthly costs!

Accommodation in a hostel 180 euros, 350 euros in the apartment.

Meals in the dining room 2 euros at a cafe about 3-7 euros.

To get around the city you can follow any responses to buy a ticket for all modes of transport 30 euro / 3 months

Work and business

Brno – Silicon Valley in Europe, here placed their representatives, companies such as IBM, Microsoft, The Red Heat, and so on. Every year the Czech simplifies the process of opening businesses and taxation for the development of business and economics. For this reason, you may come across a large number of foreigners living here.

Comfort for living and development

For a comfortable learning and working, and various organizations and institutions to create conditions for the implementation of projects. Free library, access to wifi, business incubators, convenient transportation developed.