What is included in the program?

The program of preparation for training in the Czech Republic includes several stages:

  1. Counseling. This stage allows you to determine the optimal training option for a particular entrant. The initial skills and interests of the future student, financial opportunities, as well as individual wishes for the pace of tasks and terms of training are taken into account. Consultation allows you to determine the need for in-depth study of any subjects, choose the most suitable institution, as well as the form of training. Through consultation, many undesirable problems can be avoided, both at admission and at further training in the university. The consultation provides:
  • A student’s entry to the Czech language courses, which are held at the state university of the Czech Republic;
  • Receipt by the applicant of a notarized copy of the possibility of living in a university hostel in the Czech Republic;
  • Registration of the applicant in the embassy for the subsequent submission of the necessary documents;
  • Advice on obtaining the required type of visa (short / long);
  • Consultation, helping to pass an interview in the Czech consulate;
  • Assistance in collecting and processing documents for a stay in the Czech Republic;
  • Registration with the police after arrival in the territory of the Czech Republic;
  • Consultations on the procedure for extending the student’s visa;
  • The implementation of psychological assistance to the applicant, if such a need arises.

The stage is carried out before the arrival of the applicant to the territory of the Czech Republic.

2. Accommodation. This stage includes the following items:

  • The selection of the optimal place of residence at the time of preparation for admission and in the process of further education in a Czech university.
  • Providing accommodation in a dormitory with a state university for a period of one year with the possibility of further extension;
  • Compilation and signing of a contract confirming the residence of the applicant in the hostel at the state university of the Czech Republic;
  • Payment of a deposit for accommodation in a hostel (not included in the price of the program, paid separately).

3. Meeting and resettlement. 

The first stage is carried out on the territory of the Czech Republic. Our staff meet applicants on the territory of the Czech airport and accompany it right up to the accommodation in the hostel. Employees of the company answer all questions of interest to the future student and help them to adapt more quickly in new, critical conditions. Further, the communication on any questions of interest to the applicant continues.

4. Learning the Czech language.

A productive and thorough study of the Czech language makes it possible to get free education at the Czech state university. The program implies 560 hours of active learning a foreign language. The course takes 1 year and is conducted directly on the territory of the state university of the Czech Republic. For the convenience of perception and accelerated learning, informal meetings with native speakers are made that allow the applicant to quickly understand the foreign language and successfully consolidate the theoretical knowledge obtained. Also, the rapid assimilation of material is facilitated by regularly organized language meetings. Upon successful completion of the course and passing examinations, the applicant is issued a document on the completion of the course, which is a confirmation of the extension or receipt of a long-term visa. This stage is carried out in the territory of the Czech Republic.

5. Nostrification.

Implementation of the recognition of the documents of the applicant in a foreign country (in this case – in the Czech Republic). Our employees carry out a full translation of all necessary documents into the Czech language, notarize them, and complete all the necessary stages of preparation. Further, the documents are transferred directly to the state bodies of the Czech Republic, where the process of nostrification itself passes. After completing the training in the Czech language, a nostrification of a higher education diploma or a certificate of graduation takes place. This stage is carried out in the territory of the Czech Republic.

6. Preparation for admission.

This stage allows the applicant to determine the further sphere of professional development. Choosing the right university and the direction of professional training is the key to the success of a highly qualified specialist. After determining the university and specialization, a training program is selected, as well as a curator who will follow the implementation of the chosen program and help the future student in the event of any questions. This stage is carried out in the territory of the Czech Republic.

7. Submission of the necessary documents to the universities selected by the applicant.

KingStudy helps students not to worry about the correctness of the necessary documents for the state university of the Czech Republic. We ourselves implement the formation of applications, and send them to the universities selected by the future student. Further, employees of the company help the applicant to get in touch with representatives of approved institutions of higher education and facilitate the successful passing of the interview for admission to the university. We also provide assistance in the process of admission to the Czech higher education institution without additional passing exams. The costs for translations, assurances and payment of state fees are included in the program. This stage is carried out in the territory of the Czech Republic.

8. Additional services. All additional services are provided for a fee or for certain programs in which they are already included in the price. Additional services make it possible to significantly facilitate the process of admission and further study in the Czech Republic. Additional services include:

  • The implementation of selection and purchase of tickets that are optimal in price and quality, allowing the most comfortable and cost-effective flight from Russia to the Czech Republic;
  • Assistance in currency exchange operations allows you not to worry about lack of money or cheating when trying to exchange currency yourself;
  • Opening a bank account, which allows parents of the entrant to freely transfer money to the Czech Republic in the required currency;
  • Registration with the police, which must be carried out immediately upon arrival in the territory of the Czech Republic;
  • A familiarization tour of universities interested in the university, which allows quickly and painlessly to adapt to a new environment for the student;
  • A personal curator who provides assistance on a hard-to-learn subject and at any time responds to all questions of interest to the applicant, as well as controls the qualitative and productive course of the educational process;
  • Language meetings that will help the student to perfect his skills in Czech or English, which in turn will contribute to a better and faster learning of the material taught at the Czech state university;
  • Getting a driver’s license, for those who have not yet received a driver’s license, we will help to enroll in a driving school and take a driving course;
  • Sports, for those who want to continue to play sports or try something new, we will pick up for you a sports club.