What are the benefits of studying in English?

You can also obtain higher education in the Czech Republic in English. We are talking about bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs. The cost of training, as a rule, is from 1,5 thousand euros per year depending on the curriculum. The curricula are compiled according to EU standards, which means that you have the opportunity to obtain a diploma similar to that obtained in universities in Germany, Austria and other well-known European countries. Also your diploma will be recognized in other countries, including at home.

Facts and advantages

A distinctive feature of the receipt in English in the Czech Republic is the fact that you do not need to have an international English language certificate such as IELTS, FCE, CAE, etc.
Many universities check the level of your English language through a Skype interview, but you will need nostrification (recognition of a foreign certificate / diploma in the Czech Republic).

Many universities when accepting applicants for English-language programs allow the possibility of communicating nostrification during the first year of training. And this means that you can act immediately after graduating from a secondary school or university and come to study in the Czech Republic in the fall, without losing another year to prepare.

Entrance examinations, as a rule, take place in online form or by Skype-conferencing and evaluation of the package of documents.
During training or after graduation you will be able to quickly find a job, because In Brno and Prague is a large number of foreign companies, where it is important to have knowledge of English.

If you want to know more about what programs are, who you can work after receiving a diploma, please contact our specialists!

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