The tram in Brno city

The first thing that catches your eye when you arrive in Brno, and generally in the Czech Republic as a whole, is a huge and diverse system of public transport.
In the city it works like a clock. At every stop there hangs a schedule that seems to all visitors to be very unclear, but in fact, everything is elementary-simple. In the daytime comfortable modern trams run. (In Brno, they say shalin) At night, high-speed buses, Every half hour-hour. This is one of Brna’s “chips”. In the so-called “night links” you feel like a part of the city, because it is at the bus stop, during the joint waiting for the bus, you can get to know the local population and learn a lot of interesting things about this beautiful people, or just sing somebody’s Czech song, Young students.

There is a flexible system of travel tickets (yizdena) Students are given a discount. The price when buying for 3 months is 690 crowns. Also you can not joke and ride a “rabbit”. Passengers in transport pass the control of travel tickets, and if caught, the fine will definitely not please you 800-1500 kč)

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