If you are thinking about moving to Prague or Brno, these differences, spotted by a person that has been living in Brno for 25 years and visiting Prague several times a year, may help you:

7 differences between Prague and Brno

  1. Prague is much bigger town with swinging “metropolitan” atmosphere – less swinging than London or Barcelona, but still swinging. There are so many clubs to go to and restaurants to try out, compared to Brno – which is still a sleepy town (don’t get confused, many people, including me and many my friends from Prague, love the quiet atmosphere).
  2. Let’s be controversial: People in Prague seem somehow more selfish and everything is more competitive than in Brno.
  3. Traffic jams are much more severe in Prague than in Brno – where the traffic gets stuck mostly between 8 am and 9 am and later between 4 pm and 5 pm. Except for these periods, you can drive through Brno relatively smoothly. Not talking about parking issues – finding a free lot is much more easier in Brno.
  4. Prague is a town of sightseeing and big business, while Brno is a town of science, technologies and universities. There are many students clubs and pubs in Brno and of course thousands of friendly young people.
  5. There is a larger expat community in Prague and more people can speak English there.
  6. There are much more air lines going to/from the Prague airport.
  7. Last but not least: generally speaking, the quality of beers on tap is slightly higher in Prague, while it is easier to get cheap but great wine in Brno.

Some things are the same:

  • The cost of life in Brno is almost the same as in Prague – rents are bit cheaper but prices of services and goods is basically on the same level.
  • Both Prague and Brno are surrounded by great one-day-trip destinations.
  • Both towns are beautiful and spending a year in one of these may be a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

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